Frequently Asked Questions

Munko NFT

How many Munko NFTs are there?

There are 7,563.

How do I purchase a Munko NFT?

The Munko mint window has closed forever. Munkos may be available from 3rd party sales on OpenSea.

How do I view my Munko NFT?

Once your transaction has completed, you can view your Munko NFT in a few different ways:

  • Connect your wallet through the “Connect Wallet” feature at the top of the website. The Munko directory will open shortly after the QUESTionairre.
  • MetaMask: Select the NFT tab in the mobile app to see all NFTs in your wallet.
  • Desktop / Laptop: Visit and click the User Icon in the top right corner. Connect your wallet, then click “Profile” from the dropdown to see all NFTs in your collection.

You may need to hit the ‘refresh metadata’ icon on Opensea to see your updated Munko NFT.

What happens after I mint?

  • When you initially mint, you will receive a Munko Token.
  • You can use this Munko Token in order to:
    • Take the Munko QUESTionnaire when you connect your wallet to
    • Gain access to token-gated sections of the Discord server.
    • Connect your wallet at to view your Munko NFTs.

A link to take the QUESTionnaire will be available for each token starting July 1st.

What if I don’t want to take the QUESTionnaire and I just want my Munko?

You can just click ‘down the middle’ or ‘randomly’ on the QUESTionnaire, however the more effort you put into the answers the more meaningful your Munko will be.

What happens after I complete the QUESTionnaire?

After a few days you will receive a Genesis Object.

Approximately 2 to 4 weeks later, your Genesis Object will transition to a Munko: a unique collaborative creation between you and David Choe, based on your answers to the QUESTionnaire.

How many QUESTionnaires can I take per Munko NFT?

Only one QUESTionnaire can be taken per Munko NFT.

If I use the same answers every time I take the QUESTionnaire will the Munkos be the same?

No... So much has changed since the last time you took the QUESTionnaire.

How long do I have to take the QUESTionnaire?

Munko tokens that are not redeemed for the questionnaire will be automatically converted into Munkos on November 2nd, 2022.

November 1, 2022 is the last day you can take the QUESTionnaire for your Munko NFT.

I have taken the QUESTionnaire, why did my token not turn into a Genesis Object?

We identified an issue that affected our data sync. A fix is in place & affected tokens will advance to their correct state shortly. If you have concerns, please reach out in Discord.

Does my Munko have a licence?

Yes, the Munko license can be found here.